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Tackling Fibromyalgia

Dr. Tran's therapy has been paramount in my regimen of care for fibromyalgia. My pain level from this debilitating syndrome has decreased significantly. I am once again able to resume an active life style. I am now able to walk 5-10 miles every day (which is something I've not been able to do for over 13 years). Just recently I've begun a running regimen and my plans are for me to get back into local racquetball tournaments. I have an overall better outlook on life because my chronic pain level is finally at an all-time LOW. A year ago, I would not have even entertained those thoughts.

I was involved in an automobile accident. The accident aggravated the fibromyalgia symptoms. I was having headaches everyday, sometimes several times a day. Traveling down Walzem Rd. , I looked over and saw the Neck & Back Pain Clinic and thought, what have I got to lose? I'm so glad that I had stopped. Dr. Tran knew immediately what fibromyalgia was and he was the first doctor who had a plan of attack to help the excruciating pain that I felt from this disorder. He developed an aggressive treatment plan. I started feeling better after only three sessions. I went from a 7/10 pain level to a 3/10 and it stayed there until it went away. The headaches stopped and moving my neck to perform normal daily activities was once again "do-able". I was able to attend a local university as a full-time student. I refuse to let anyone else touch me for chiropractic care. What a wonderful gift of knowledge Dr. Tran has and shares with his patients. I have reaped the benefits of his care during the 12-visit treatment plan. I am certain that I'll be a consistent patient of the Neck & Back Clinic.

I think it is important for you to know that I've been told by several doctors that I've had the worst case of fibromyalgia that they have ever treated. These same doctors have been amazed at my decreased pain levels and my increased energy level, to which I attribute to the chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Tran. There is another plus that I've received from interacting with Dr. Tran at the Neck & Back Pain Clinic. This is something that makes a visit to his clinic stand out from all the rest. Dr. Tran has a wonderful sense of humor that he'll share with you free of charge.

Zakiyyah A.

Sports Injuries

I started Tae Kwon Do work out about 18 months ago. As I progressed the Forms and techniques got more and more challenging. Six months ago during a free sparring bout, I was accidentally kicked in the lower back. This caused a considerable amount of pain to my lower back and because of that I had to start cutting back on my training right away. I was training for my brown and then black belts.

I tried massage therapy, and while that help relieve the pain for a few hours it always came back. I remember it was July 3, 2006 and most everyplace was closed for the July 4th holiday so I did not figure I would be able to find anyplace to help me. I called Dr. Tran at the Neck & Back Pain Clinic. Yes, he was open and yes he could see me the same day so I went in. He talked to me to find out what was going on and why I had pain. He proceeded to do an exam to determined what was causing my pain. I received therapy and a follow up appointment was set to discuss my treatment.

At the next appointment Dr. Tran explained to me what was causing my problems, and most important to me, a plan to fix the problem. After 6 visits in a two-week period, I was once again able to do my 360-jump spin roundhouse and side kicks. I thought I was going to have to delay testing for brown belt but not only was I able to test on schedule I passed and will now be able to test for black belt in a few months.

John S.

Back on Your Feet

I'm active duty military and during training to prepare for deployment, I fell from the back of a 5-ton truck (while wearing battle gear) onto my knees. And of course, I used my arms to break my fall. After medical doctors and surgeons determined that I had no broken bones and that I was "bruised and contused" and my low back was "unstable", my sister (and friend) insisted that I visit her Chiropractor. I saw, first hand, the result that she had made, so I knew that if I also followed the guidance and performed the exercises, I could expect great outcome. I was not disappointed! After 3 visits, I no longer needed crutches for walking or for support to get up from a chair. I'm ecstatic that I no longer rely on narcotic for pain control and I'm driving and independent again. Thank-You Dr. Tran for your thorough explanations of anatomy and your patience in teaching me about my body and what I can do to help myself. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You.

Barbara M.

When Meds are not enough

I began care at the Neck & Back Pain Clinic in June 2006. I had horrible shooting pain in my left arm. The pain was so bad that it cause me to cry. I could not sleep at night. I saw medical doctors but all they gave me were muscle relaxant and pain pills. Once the medication wore off (within a few hours) the pain was back. After the 1st visit at the Neck & Back Pain Clinic, I noticed results. A few visits later, the pain was almost totally gone. I could not believe it! It's a miracle. Go see Dr. Tran if you are in pain. You won't regret it.

Terumi F.